Help File:Find out what addresses this instruction accesses

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This option will set a breakpoint on the code and open a new window. You will see every address that is accessed by the code when the program is running.

The address field contains the address which is accessed by the code. The value field is containing the value of the address at the moment. You can choose the displayed value type from the dropdown menu. The count number shows how many times did the code access to that address.

Right-clicking on an address will offer some new options. Show register states: This will show the value of the registers that were logged when the address has been accessed by the code the first time. In the register window, you can click on F to see the FPU registers and S to see a snapshot from the stack.

Browse this memory region will open the memory view at the address and Show as hexadecimal will display the value in hexadecimal.

You can stop the debugger with the Stop button.