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Farm Vile, a Facebook (MySpace?) application, is a farming simulation.
Using a plow you can change the land on your parcel to fertile, plantable land. These lands can be the hosts of several types of crops, the higher your level, the more available.
Every plant needs some time to grow before you're able to harvest them for some coins. But beware: Leaving a plant in his full-grown state for too long will make it wilt and thus useless.
A plant will wilt if it reaches 2x the time needed to get full-grown.

Alongside these crops the Market also offers animals and trees. These can be harvested unendlessly.
However, they have a much lower income/price ratio.
The Market also offers Farm Expansions, Vehicles, Decorations and Fuel. What these do should be quite obvious.


The most annoying thing in Farm Vile is having to wait for your character to plow/harvest everything on your farm.
On big farms this can take forever. Thus a speedhack is very welcome.
Cheat Engine's speedhack works on this application. Simply attach your Cheat Engine to your browser and enable its speedhack.
(See also Generic Gamehack Tutorials)

It will appear as if your crops will grow faster aswell, but in reality they aren't. They'll jump back to their original growth state every few seconds. If you try and harvest those crops you will get an "Out of Sync" error, crashing your game. This might cause loss of data. So beware when using speedhack, don't overdo it!