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Font Class: (Inheritance: Object)

Related global functions[edit]

createFont(): Returns a font object (default initialized based on the main ce window)


 Name: string
 Size: integer
 Height: integer
 Orientation: integer
 Pitch: string - 'fpDefault', 'fpVariable', 'fpFixed'
 Color: integer
 CharSet: integer
 Quality: string - 'fqDefault', 'fqDraft', 'fqProof', 'fqNonAntialiased', 'fqAntialiased', 'fqCleartype', 'fqCleartypeNatural'
 Style: string set - ['fsBold', 'fsItalic', 'fsStrikeOut', 'fsUnderline']


 assign(font): Copies the contents of the font given as parameter to this font 

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