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Initial contribution, just placing a few 'things about ce scanning' here to work out later

Memory scanning is one of the most major features of CheatEngine. Memory scanning is reading the memory provided to the application. CheatEngine's scanning makes use of multiple processors when available.

CheatEngine allows you to search addresses in various ways using different types of searching.

Firstly you need to define what type of search you want. What you need to define is: Value Type, Scan Option, Scan Range and other smaller options.

Value Type

The available types CheatEngine can scan with are:

  • Binary
  • Byte (values between 0 and 255 or -128 to 127 if signed)

Which one you should choose depends on the value you want to search. A value that only switches between 1 and 0 is often a Binary. While any integer number (1, 3, 4599, 15686, etc...) is most often a 4 byte value. Strictly non-integer numbers are always Float or Double. Small numbers are often Float, bigger ones Double. Text is often stored as a String/Text.