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Cheat tables are XML configuration files used by Cheat Engine. They extension is .CT . They can contain a list of addresses, which you might have to relocate yourself, or pointer based addresses that will find the new address automatically.

They can also contain Auto Assembler scripts which the user can easily Enable/Disable by clicking the corresponding square in the main window.

You can add an address to your list two ways. Automatically, which can be done by double clicking an address in your scan-list, or manually, which means you'll fill in the address and type yourself. The Add Address Manually button can be found above your Cheat Table in Cheat Engine's main window.

To save the current cheat table, click the Save your current data (Floppy Disk) icon on the top left toolbar, or use menu File -> Save / Save As..., or press Ctrl + S / Ctrl + Alt + S.

To load a cheat table, click the Open a cheat table (Folder) icon on the top left toolbar, or use menu File -> Load, or press Ctrl + O.

Cheat Table Keys[edit]

The following keys can be used when the address list has focus:

Enter Change value
Ctrl+Enter Change destription
Alt+Enter Change Address
Space Freeze
+ Positive freeze
- Negative freeze
Delete Delete Address
Ctrl+S Switch the position of 2 selected addresses
Ctrl+E Edit the selected address
Ctrl+A Select all addresses
Ctrl+Alt+A Open the auto assembler
Ctrl+Alt+Grey Plus Move down one position
Ctrl+Alt+Grey Minus Move up one position
Ctrl+R Change the address