Auto Assembler Example 2

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I found the following code that calls a function to set the player's health when he is injured. The player's new health is in the ESI register:

00792B4C - 56                         - push esi
00792B4D - 8B CF                      - mov ecx,edi
00792B4F - E8 AC782D00                - call 00A6A400

To keep the player at full health, I decided just to change the value of ESI to be 200. Here's a script that does several things on ENABLE:

  1. Allocate memory for my code inside the opened process
  2. Assemble my code and write it into the allocated memory
  3. Replace original code in the game with a jmp to my code

Note that since we're replacing these three instructions above with the jmp instruction, we have to execute them in our code.

alloc(GodCode,512)  // allocate memory for our injected code
label(GodReturn)    // GodReturn label is where we will jump back to

GodCode:     // start assembling into our allocated memory
mov esi, c8  // set the new health value to be 200

// this is the original code we over-wrote with "jmp GodCode"
push esi
mov ecx,edi
call 00A6A400

jmp GodReturn  // jump back to the following instruction

// now we start assembling at a new address, replacing instructions
// in Sam3.exe with a jump instruction that will call our code.
jmp GodCode
db 78 2D 00 // original bytes

GodReturn:  // will be set to 792B54, where we want to jump back to

When disabling, we just free the memory we allocated and assemble the original instructions back into place:

// free our allocated memory

// replace the jump instruction in Sam3.exe with the original code
push esi
mov ecx,edi
call 00A6A400