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command not operand

The NOT instruction implements the bitwise NOT operation. NOT operation reverses the bits in an operand. The operand could be either in a register or in the memory.

operand = !operand
operand = ~operand


|              operand:    0101 0011 |
| After NOT -> operand:    1010 1100 |

Performs a bitwise NOT operation (each 1 is set to 0, and each 0 is set to 1) on the destination operand and stores the result in the destination operand location. The destination operand can be a register or a memory location.

Command Parameters[edit]

Parameter Description
operand The operand to perform a bitwise operation on


not al
not ax
not ax
not eax
not rax
not al
not ax
not ax
not eax
not rax
not [eax]
not [rax]
not [00123ABC]
not [SomeSymbol]

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