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command neg operand

The Neg instruction performs a Two's Complement Negation. Negating positive operand becomes negative. Negating negative operand becomes positive. Zero remains zero. The two's complement of a number behaves like the negative of the original number.

The CF flag set to 0 if the source operand is 0; otherwise it is set to 1. The OF, SF, ZF, AF, and PF flags are set according to the result.

Operand = -Operand

Replaces the value of operand (the destination operand) with its two's complement. (This operation is equivalent to subtracting the operand from 0.) The destination operand is located in a general-purpose register or a memory location.


Command Parameters

Parameter Description
operand The operand to perform a Negate operation on


neg al
neg ah
neg ax
neg eax
neg rax
neg [edx+110]
neg [rdx+10]
neg [00123abc]
neg [UserDefinedSymbol]

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