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command jmp mnemonic operand

Jumps to the given operand (address).

Command Parameters

Parameter Description
mnemonic OPTIONAL The preferred size of the assembled address
operand The address or symbol to jump to


jmp +1A   // Jump from end of command to +1A (hex).
jmp 00123ABC   // Jump to address.
jmp 0000123456ABCDEF   // Jump to address.
jmp eax   // Jump to value of eax.
jmp rax   // Jump to value of rax.
jmp someSymbol   // Jump to user defined symbol.
jmp someLabel   // Jump to label.
jmp short someLabel   // Jump to label with short byte code.
jmp long someLabel   // Jump to label with full address.
jmp @b   // Jump back to closest label
jmp @f   // Jump forward to closest label

Running this script in 64 bit mode:

globalAlloc(memTest, 0x200)
                          add [rax],al // db 00 00
                          add [rax],al
jmp short @b
jmp short @f
                          add [rax],al
                          add [rax],al
                          add [rax],al
jmp short -4
jmp short +2
                          add [rax],al
                          add [rax],al
jmp 01160002
                          add [rax],al
jmp rax
                          add [rax],al
jmp memTest
                          add [rax],al
jmp testLbl
                          add [rax],al
jmp short testLbl
                          add [rax],al
jmp long testLbl
                          add [rax],al
db 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90


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