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command divsd destination, source

Divides the destination operand by source operand. Used for Dividing Scalar Double-Precision Floating-Point Values. The divsd command can only be used with xmm registers.

Destination = Destination / Source

Divides the low double-precision floating-point value in the destination operand (first operand) by the low double-precision floating-point value in the source operand (second operand), and stores the double-precision floating-point result in the destination operand. The source operand can be an XMM register or a 64-bit memory location. The destination operand is an XMM register. The high quadword of the destination operand remains unchanged.

Command Parameters[edit]

Parameter Description
destination xmm
source xmm / m64


divsd xmm0,xmm1
divsd xmm3,[edx+110]
divsd xmm15,[rdx+10]
divsd xmm5,[00123abc]
divsd xmm7,[UserDefinedSymbol]

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