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command cmovpo destination, source

cmovpo is CMOVcc instruction, The cmovpo conditional move if parity odd check the state of PF.

If PF=0 then condition is satisfied, otherwise it will be skipped.

CMOVcc instructions are mainly used after CMP

The CMOVcc instructions check the state of one or more of the status flags in the EFLAGS register (CF, OF, PF, SF, and ZF) and perform a move operation if the flags are in a specified state (or condition). A condition code (cc) is associated with each instruction to indicate the condition being tested for. If the condition is not satisfied, a move is not performed and execution continues with the instruction following the CMOVcc instruction.

These instructions can move a 16- or 32-bit value from memory to a general-purpose register or from one general-purpose register to another. Conditional moves of 8-bit register operands are not supported.

The terms "less" and "greater" are used for comparisons of signed integers and the terms "above" and "below" are used for unsigned integers.


[edit] Command Parameters

Parameter Description
destination r16 / r32
source m16-r16 / m32-r32

[edit] Examples

cmovpo dx,ax
cmovpo cx,[bx]
cmovpo edx,[edx+110]
cmovpo eax,edx
cmovpo esi,[00123abc]
cmovpo edi,[UserDefinedSymbol]

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